The FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ publishes three peer-reviewed research and practice journals:



The Bulletin of the Scientific Centre for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products. Regulatory Research and Medicine Evaluation https://www.vedomostincesmp.ru/jour

The journal provides coverage of topics related to the standardisation and quality control of various classes of medicines, development and improvement of pharmaceutical analysis methods and approaches to medicine evaluation, including assessment of medicine interchangeability. It discusses advanced pre-clinical and clinical development methods, relevant trends in pharmacology, clinical medicine, rational use of medicines according to the principles of personalised therapy, as well as medicine provision and regulation issues.

 Two-year RSCI impact factor — 0.429

Editor-in-chief—Valentina Kosenko

E-mail: vedomosti@expmed.ru


Biological Products. Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment https://www.biopreparations.ru/jour

The journal covers such topics as the development of regulatory procedures, standardisation, quality control, production, and use of therapeutic, prophylactic, and diagnostic biological products: immunobiological, biotechnological, gene-therapy, human and animal plasma-derived products, as well as various groups of immunomodulators and biomedical cell products.

Two-year RSCI impact factor — 0,960

Editor-in-chief—Vadim Merkulov

E-mail: biopreparaty@expmed.ru


Safety and Risk of Pharmacotherapy


The journal covers scientific advances and practical solutions in the area of ensuring medicine safety and reducing pharmacotherapy risks. It publishes articles on the development, evaluation, quality control, authorisation, standardisation, and clinical use of various classes of medicines. The journal is aimed at healthcare professionals, including clinical pharmacologists, doctors in other medical specialties, pharmacists, employees of relevant expert authorities, pharmacovigilance officers, employees of preclinical and clinical research centres, medicines regulatory and supervisory authorities.

Two-year RSCI impact factor — 1,106

Editor-in-chief—Renad Alyautdin

E-mail: birf@expmed.ru


The journals are freely available online.

The publication frequency is 4 times a year (quarterly).

The journals are aimed at employees of scientific, manufacturing, medical, and pharmaceutical organisations, university professors and students, doctors and pharmacists.

The journals publish reviews and research papers, brief communications, guidance materials prepared both by the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ and outside experts.

Authors submit their articles via the electronic submission system, i.e., via the online form on the journal’s website. All submissions are checked for unauthorised borrowings and undergo double-blind peer review.

All the journals are included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific journals in which to publish the main results of thesis research for the Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science degrees (since 2021).

Biological Products. Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment (since 2021) and The Bulletin of the Scientific Centre for Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products. Regulatory Research and Medicine Evaluation (since 2022) are included in the Russian Science Citation Index database.

The published articles are included in the Russian and international full-text and abstract databases (RSCI, CyberLeninka, Chemical Abstracts Service, Embase, Reaxys, EBSCO, BASE, Open Archives Initiative, etc.).

The print subscription is available through the ‘Press of Russia’ and ‘Ural-Press’ agencies.

Editorial Director

Olga Fedotova

+7(495)121-06-00 (ext. 63-05)