Publishing activities

The FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ publishing activities are carried out in accordance with the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ Charter and aimed at informing a broad professional audience about the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ work, as well as communicating recent advances in pharmaceutical science to the professional community in Russia and abroad.  

The FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ publishing activities include the preparation and publication of research and practice journals, monographs, guidelines, collections of research papers, as well as other publications. The FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ publications rely to a large extent on the scientific research performed at the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ as part of publicly- and privately-funded research projects. 

Research papers cover a variety of the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ activities, such as: evaluation of clinical trial applications; science-based updating of the approaches to medicine quality, efficacy, and safety evaluation; scientific, informational, and methodological support of biomedical cell product quality control and evaluation; assessment of medicine interchangeability; elaboration of pharmacopoeial monographs, etc.   

Editorial Department

Department Head: Olga Goykalova, PhD in Biology, associate professor.

The Editorial Department is an independent unit within the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ structure.

The Department is in charge of management and editing of the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ periodicals and non-periodical publications, as well as corporate content management.

Main functions:

  • compilation of the research and practice journals published periodically by the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’;
  • editing research papers, monographs, guidelines;
  • management of the peer review process for the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ journals;
  • translation of materials (from Russian into English and vice versa) and editing of translations for the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ journals;
  • management of prepress activities for the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ journals, monographs, guidelines, and other publications;
  • monitoring and analysis of the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ journals’ impact factors;
  • preparation and editing of materials for the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ journals’ websites;
  • management of the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ website content;
  • media and public relations;
  • preparation of contracts covering the Editorial Department’s activities.