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National Collection of Pathogenic Microorganisms

The National Collection of Pathogenic Microorganisms (NCPM) was established with the aim of creation, replenishment, and maintenance of a unified national fund of pathogenic microorganisms.

The National Collection of Hazard Group 3 and 4 Pathogenic Microorganisms (NCPM) has the status of a national centre in charge of the national collection. It was established in 1955 and was one of the first official state collections of bacterial pathogens.

FSBI ‘SCEEMP’ of the Ministry of Health of Russia maintains the collection, as authorised by Government Executive Order No. 2058-r of 17 November 2011 and Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia No. 1102 of 13 December 2010.

The NCPM holds strains that are of major interest to medicinal product manufacturers, epidemiology and hygiene centres, medical/veterinary/multi-discipline biological institutes, food manufacturers, housing and utility service providers. Bacteriological laboratories operated by hospitals and institutes that manufacture diagnostic products, housing and utility service providers, and food manufacturers use collection strains for the identification of isolated microorganisms, for scientific and industrial purposes, for internal quality control of incoming raw materials, products, reagents, culture media, to control the quality of laboratory research/testing, and assess personnel performance.

NCPM strains are supplied only to legal entities licensed to work with Hazard Group 3‒4 pathogens (in accordance with Federal Law No. 99-FZ ‘On Licensing of Certain Activities’ of 4 May 2011).  

Collection strains are supplied in accordance with the Sanitary Regulation SP 1.2.036-95 ‘Procedure for Registering, Storage, and Transportation of Hazard Group 1‒4 Pathogens’. The supplied strains cannot be transferred to third parties.

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Major functions of the NCPM, maintained by the FSBI ‘SCEEMP’:

  • official deposit of strains of microorganisms, including public (copyright) deposit, guarantee deposit, and deposit as part of the national patent procedure;
  • development of reference reagents and industry reference standards;
  • storage, and maintenance of initial properties of Hazard Group 3‒4 reference pathogens, as well as reference strains, industry strains (including vaccine strains); 
  • study of biological properties and certification of pathogenic and potentially pathogenic bacterial strains;
  • contribution to supervision of pathogenic microorganisms in the Russian Federation;  
  • development and implementation of new technologies for the maintenance of collection strains in order to improve the existing preservation methods;
  • expert assistance and guidance on classification and taxonomic nomenclature of microorganisms, search for strains with specific required taxonomic and functional characteristics, and consultation on the deposit procedure for strains eligible for patent and copyright protection.  


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